Yogurt + Fruit

When we are hungry we tend to open the cupboard and grab some junk food sitting on a shelf and gobble it up. Well you can control that by not buying junk to begin with and buying yogurt and fruits. Then you always have a healthy snack.


If you are starving and need more volume in your guts then add some cereal.

To make it more appealing and easier to eat 
put the yogurt and fruit in a bowl. You don't need to go to the extend to create a parfait with layers in a tall glass. I will talk about parfaits in another post. If you put the fruit directly in the yogurt cup it might overflow and that's not fun.

Cut the fruit in small pieces.

Mix them up!

- My favorite yogurt is the 'Fruit and Creme Yogurt' from Trader Joe's. They come in a pack of 6. They are delicious and have a long shelf life.
- In case you don't have an apple corer here is how to quickly cube an apple: first make cuts lengthwise then crosswise. See pictures above. When you slice the apples the small pieces will fall.

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