Not So Boring Cheese Sandwich

Turn your boring cheese sandwich into something deliciously fun by adding unusual and exciting elements to it like raisins and SEEDS of course. The contrast between the sweetness and softness of the raisins and the saltiness and crunchiness of seeds is fabulous 

Sunflower, sesame and poppy seeds are perfect to add to any sandwich. They are small enough to fit between breads without creating unnecessary volume and ooooh! the crunchiness they partake!

I think poppy seeds are underrated. There is something irresistible about them and the amazing texture they add to foods. Anything with poppy seeds make you want to chew whatever forever. Now think about the benefits of this phenomenon. You take longer to eat, which makes you eat less, and you digest the food better cause you chew more, helloooo

And why do you chew forever? Because every time you munch you pop seeds. Poppy seeds are so small that you can't possible chew them all quickly. So you keep chewing and chewing the same bite and popping seeds every time your teeth get together. This can go on FOREVER (not really but almost) cause there are always going to be some seeds hidden somewhere in that bite waiting for you to pop.

Back to the sandwich. 

Suggested assembly order:
  • one slice of toasted bread (whole wheat bread please)
  • butter on the bread
  • raisins
  • sunflower seeds
  • poppy seeds
  • slices of your favorite cheese; cream cheese will work too and how about both?
  • one slice of toasted bread to top (no need for more butter unless you really want more fat in your diet)
Don't be shy and add sesame seeds as well or anything else you like! 

Happy Munching! 



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