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Refreshing Lemon Water

What could be more refreshing than lemon water in a hot day? 

In the morning fill up a bottle with water and lots of lemon slices. I recommend two lemons per liter of water. You can actually use lemons or limes. You can also combine a variety of citruses and make a big jar with lemon, lime and orange slices. And how about adding some mint leaves? 

I usually refill the bottle with water during the day and enjoy the subtle refreshing taste of lemon to quench my thirst during e rest of the day.

I prefer to add ice to my cup and not to the jar.

You don't want to bother filling a jar with water and slicing lemon in the morning? So just squeeze half a lemon in a tall glass of water and save the other half in the refrigerator for later.

Lemon water is apparently very good for your body. There are so many articles and blog entries about it. Lots of them related to weight loss. Just goggle lemon water and you will get tons of results.

Like I said I prefer to add ice cubes to the cup and not to the jar.

You can actually enjoy water with lemon any time of the year. During winter you can have warm water with lemon, like a not so hot tea. Just heat water put it in a cup, squeeze half a lemon in it, cut the other half in thin slices and place them in the cup. You can skip the slices, but it looks so much better with them. Don't use hot water but warm. Actually it's better because you can drink it right away and never risk burning your tongue

If you can get organic lemons it's even better and always use filtered water. 
Hot Water & Lemon
I found some interesting information about hot water & lemon at eHow. I'm usually skeptical about internet 'truths' but this article seems interesting. Let me know if you found a debunking or endorsement of the benefits of lemon water hot or cold. If you wish to check the eHow article click HERE.

Below is an excerpt from the article:

"Drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning with breakfast helps to soften stool from meals eaten the day before. Drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning with breakfast also helps to ensure proper digestion so that the waste generated from breakfast can be easily passed through the digestive system after all the nutrients have been absorbed from the food eaten for breakfast."

OK so you don't want to go anywhere to read anything else, so below is a list of the supposed benefits of lemon water: Do I believe in all of them? Probably not but you have to make up your own mind.
  • boost your immune system
  • helps digestion
  • helps in weight loss
  • cleanses your system
  • balances pH levels
  • enhances your mood
  • clears skin
  • it's energizing
  • refreshes your breath
I could not find any links with scientific data to support any of those claims. If you find anything please send it my way. Most of those claims come from naturalists.

But let's think about one of those claims like weight loss. If you are drinking lemon water during the day, instead of sodas or other drinks, you WILL loose weight. So lemon water does help you loose weight, right? 
Even if you are skeptical about the benefits of lemon water give it a try. You might like the taste of it.

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