Ladybug Apple

This is a great snack to make with the kids during the weekend. It's healthy and great for them to practice their fine motor skills.  

For the ladybug above and below I used apple, cake icing, raisins, and carrot sticks. I used the icing you buy in a tube. I actually bought a small tube of icing gel because you don't really need much of it.

I added some chocolate sprinkles for fun, to pretend the ladybug is walking on dirt. You can use sesame seeds to pretend they are aphids, but they are kind of difficult to grab to eat as they are even smaller than the sprinkles. You can place the ladybug over a lettuce leaf however if nobody is  going to eat it is kinda of a waste.
 Apple without the core and cut in half, raisins, sesame seeds, white icing gel, chocolate sprinkles and carrot sticks.

Below is another way to make an apple ladybug.

For this ladybug I used apple, peanut butter and raisins. The antennas are toothpicks and depending on the child you might choose to use carrot sticks

If you don't have an icing bag you can put the peanut butter inside a plastic bag and cut a small whole at the corner. It works fine. See picture below.

I shaped the raisins long by rolling them with my fingers and shaped them round by pressing (squishing) them between my thumb and index. The kids can do that too.

You can add sunflower or sesame seeds to pretend it's dirt or aphids, the little bugs that ladybugs eat.

If you don't like raisins you can use M&Ms, Skittles, anything round or even just icing.

Have Fun!

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