Banana and Cheese Tortilla Sandwich (a quesadilla perhaps)

This tortilla sandwich (or should I call it open quesadilla) recipe has three sinful ingredients: sugar, butter and white flour (from the tortillas). But it also has healthy ones, 'bananas', 'cinnamon' and 'cheese' (the latest is open to discussion). Does that compensate for the harm of the sugar and white flour? Probably not. So don't indulge. Eat this quesadilla in moderation. It is a delicious treat! 

A quesadilla is actually a wheat or corn tortilla filled with a savory filling and folded in the middle. So the end shape is a half circle. But there is so much you can do with those tortillas and why not have a mix of sweet and sour like my recipe? I also think that by frying the quesadilla gives it extra flavors and color. 

what you need
  • 2 flour tortillas
  • 1 teaspoon sugar mixed with 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon powder
  • 1 banana sliced
  • about 1/3 cup shredded cheese
  • Butter to coat the tortillas

what to do:

Place the tortilla on a board and put half of the shredded cheese.

Then the banana slices.

Sprinkle with the sugar and cinnamon mix.

More cheese.

Place the other tortilla on top.

Spread butter on one side

Put it in a frying pan, butter side down and then put butter on the other side. (not yet on the stove)

Fry over medium low heat.

Flip and fry the other side.

If you want to feel less guilty and if you have a juicer, then eat your sandwich with a juice made with oranges, mandarins, apples, pears and carrots.

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