How to Peel and Eat an Orange

Oranges can be intimidating. You look at them and one of the first things that comes to your mind is the mess you are going to make to peel and eat them with all the juices running down your hands and arms.

But don't despair. I learned a great technique to peel and eat oranges from my grandmother when I was a child (and that was a long time ago) and I never forgot it. You will not get your hands dirty I guarantee it.

Oranges are wonderful snacks and great with your breakfast too!

Start by washing the orange.
Even if you are going to peel the orange, bacteria on its skin can be transferred to the orange inside by handling it. I use my hands, a sponge or a brush to scrub the outside of the orange.

Dry the orange.

Cut one end.

Then the other.

Place the orange standing on the board using a fork to hold the orange in place.

Cut the peel around it like in the picture.

Remove unwanted bits of peel that remained on the orange.

Cut large chunks close to the core.

Then cut the big chunks in smaller ones.

Transfer the small pieces to a bowl. Doesn't it look great?
And it's soooo delicious.

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