How to Peel a Butternut Squash

Peeling a butternut squash is easier than you think. Then you can chop and cook it anyway you want. Try the delicious Brazilian Butternut Squash Sweet.

Cut one end.

And then the other.

Cut in half.

Remove the seeds with a spoon.

Stand one half on the board and peel the edges of the squash.

Using a sharp knife makes your work way easier.
Don't waste your time going 'surgical' with your cuts. If your peels are a little thick don't worry, it's just a squash. Better to waste a little bit of squash than to get bored to death in the kitchen.

Do the same with the other half.

 Slice the halves.

Then cut each slice in squares.

So simple!
Now go make some soup or butternut squash sweet!


  1. Have you ever tried a vegetable peeler? I discovered mine works perfectly for the butternut squash and it has made my life so much easier!!

    1. I have, and it worked, but I couldn't find a comfortable way to hold the squash with one hand and use the peeler with the other. I find it easier cutting the peel of the squash on the board with a knife. The squash behaves really well when sitting on the board, maybe he is afraid of the knife. Little does he know... And I use a sharp knife of course :)