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We eat every day and we deserve to eat good food. 
My mantra is "If it's home made, it's better for you." 
I hope that my blog will inspire people to cook more.

My Mission

To share my recipes and what I know about cooking. I do not know much, but the little I know I want to share with you, because I really like what I cook. 
I do not post just for the sake of posting. I really like every recipe in my blog and I have done each of them many times.

My Belief

I believe that anybody (really anybody) can make a good flavorful meal. You do not need to be experienced, just choose a simple recipe to start. 
Look for the ridiculously easy recipes in my blog or in others. 
All my recipes have a step by step instruction to make it easy for anyone to follow.

My Vision

I want to see people cooking more meals at home and buying less fast food.

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