Crocante de Nozes / Crispy Nuts

If you want to add some crunchiness to your desert, being an ice cream or a pudding here is a simple recipe.

You just need 2 cups granulated sugar and 1 cup crushed nuts (like walnuts or peanuts).

What To Do:

Butter a piece of foil the size of a baking sheet.

Put 2 cups sugar in a pan over medium heat. Do not stir.

The sugar will start to melt on the edges.

When it is mostly melted you can stir. If you wait until it is all melted it might burn.

Quickly add the nuts and stir. I did not take pictures because you need to do this fast and if I had stopped to take a picture the mix would harden.

Spread the mix over the buttered foil.

Spread as thin as you can.
Let it cool off.

Place the block of hardened mix on a cutting board.
Cut in small pieces using a sharp knife.

You can serve it over pudding,

Ice cream,
or anything you like.

Store in a airtight container. It will last for a month.

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