Homemade Peanut Butter

If you make peanut butter at home once you will never be able to buy the ready stuff in jars again. It is so incredibly simple and in my opinion way better than the store bought stuff. 
Try it! Even if it's just for curiosity or to see if it really works.

All you need is a food processor and 12 oz roasted peanuts to make one cup of peanut butter. I like to use honey roasted peanuts but you can use any kind you like as long as they are roasted. I usually buy the generic brand. You can go organic if you wish.

The only thing you need to do is to put the peanuts in the food processor, turn it on, and watch the peanuts turn into peanut butter. 

It is that simple and I will show you pictures of it.

Place the peanuts in the processor.


Turn the processor on and the peanuts will be moving fast. They will be all over the place.

After a couple minutes they begin to break into smaller pieces.

Now you need to stop the processor and use a spatula to move the peanut bits down.

The little bits become smaller and start to stick together.
It will be necessary to stop the processor again to press the peanut bits down.


Then you begin to see a paste forming.

More and more.

Leave the processor on until you are happy with the consistency. I put this picture in a large format so you can see how it turned out.

Now a look inside the food processor.
In this picture it looks grainier than it is because of the light
If you like crunchy peanut butter then add a few more peanuts now and turn on the processor for a short time. Keep checking for the desired size of the chunks.

Now you have your home made peanut butter. Yeahhhh!
I never had the problem of the oil separating from the paste.
I store mine in the refrigerator with the lid on.


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