information junk food - what google and facebook don't tell us

We all know that junk food is bad for us and we put a lot of effort to educate ourselves about that and to eat healthy, despite the massive marketing and engineering of junk food. 

But how about information junk food? Have you heard about it? I have never heard or thought about information junk food until I saw this TED talk. Because it's junk food of a sort I decided to post it in my cooking blog. 

As a mother it's my obligation to inform my kids about the perils of junk food and now I am warning them about what Goggle and Facebook are doing to the quality of information we are getting, due to algorithms used to personalize our searches.

This TED talk It's entitled "The Hidden Bubble: How The Hidden Web is Shaping Lives" by Eli Pariser. It's only nine minutes but it's very informative and powerful. It will change the way you sip information from the web, it will change the way you do a google search and it will change the way you look at a search result. 

Eli Pariser is the chief executive of Upworthy a website for "meaningful" viral content, a left-wing political and internet activist, the board president of and co-founder of

My suggestion is not that you go on an internet diet. We all know diets don't work. But for the time being until all those algorithms get 'fixed' or until we are able to control our own filters, let's get into better internet habits.

If you agree that You are what you eat.

now think about this one:

You are also what you google.

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