Usually people associate soup with cold weather and I admit that it's just heavenly to have a warm soup on a cold winter day. It's comfort food to the max.

But What is Soup? Soup is a liquid dish made by cooking solid food in some kind of liquid usually broth or stock. Soups are usually served warm but there are some soups that are served cold or chilled like gazpacho. 

Main course or not? Soups are often served before the main meal as a first course but they can also be a meal by themselves, especially if the recipe includes a source of protein. Soups are a great option for when you want a light dinner.

In my opinions soups are very similar to stews but they usually have less liquid.   
The basic recipe for a vegetable soup is chopped vegetables cooked in broth (usually vegetable or chicken). Just let the veggies cook in the broth but if you want a little more flavor you can sauté the vegetables with oil and onion and then add the broth. You can also add chicken or meat pieces to your soup. Like the veggies you can add them raw to the broth but saute them with oil and onions. 

There are two main types of soup, clear and creamy. The creamy soups usually have the addition of some cream like sour cream, heavy cream, and Nestlé media crema. Popular ingredients to give more body to soups are rice, orso, lentils, grains, flour, and also eggs.

Here you will find many soup recipes that you can enjoy all year long and I will keep adding to the lot.

Enjoy :)

Broccoli and Cheese Cream Soup
Vegetable Soup
Egyptian Red Lentil Soup
Cauliflower Cream Soup
Sweet Potatoes & Carrots Cream soup
Russian Borscht
Lean and Nutritious Cabbage Soup
Ridiculously Easy Cabbage Soup
Skinny Irish Soup
Artichoke Soup

Broccoli and Leek Soup

Classic Leek and Potato Soup

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