Smoothies are beverages made from a blend of fresh or frozen fruit with milk or a fruit juice.  There are infinite variations of smoothies and below you can find a few easy smoothie recipes.

Smoothies are not as thick as milk shakes and although smoothies might contain ice cream or yogurt most of them don't. Ice cream is a common ingredient to make milk-shakes not smoothies. 

Great tip for making a thick smoothie - add frozen bananas and frozen fruits to your smoothie. However a frozen banana is the fruit that really makes a smoothie smoooooth. Adding ice also makes the smoothie thicker and if using ice reduce the amount of milk or juice.

Smoothies are a favorite beverage among health aficionados and nowadays lots of cafes and coffee shops offer smoothies. There are also ready made smoothies sold in the supermarket but I do not recommend them. It's way better to make your own with no additives and preservatives. Jamba Juice got famous for its smoothies. They are delicious but most of them are very caloric, so pay attention when you order your smoothie there. You can always ask for a lighter version.

Sorry but you cannot pack your smoothie to drink it later :(
Homemade smoothies do not last for long. As soon as you make a smoothie, drink it. It's not something you can save to drink later or to take to school or work. An old smoothie (and by old I mean one hour old) look like a horrid science experiment gone bad.

THE BEST SIDE OF SMOOTHIES --> besides being delicious they are a great way for you to eat fruits. And if your blender is really good you can add some greens to it like spinach and kale. 

My recipes are basically 3/4 cup of a liquid (milk or fruit juice) and about 1 cup fruit. A lot of people like to add vanilla drops to smoothies for added flavor.

As sweeteners I recommend adding honey, stevia or agave to your smoothie.

Here are lots of smoothie recipes and I will keep adding more. 

Banana Strawberries Milk
Kiwi Avocado Orange juice
Peanuts Banana Milk
Cranberries Banana Milk
Peanut Butter Banana Milk
Prunes Banana Milk
Avocado Strawberries Orange juice
Mango Banana Orange juice
Prunes Peanuts Banana Milk
Mixed Berries, Banana, Milk
Chocolate, Coconut Milk, Milk
Grapes, Avocado, Orange juice

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