chicken and broccoli with capers and wine sauce

Why is it that everything with wine taste better? This sauce is no exception.  Add capers and it is even better. This recipe is my version of the American chicken piccata (or picatta), which in turn is a version of the Italian veal piccata. Receita em português no final do post :)

apple spinach orange smoothie

This is another smoothie combination that I love and one that I actually make in the morning and drink for lunch. It holds well in the refrigerator. 


crispy top zucchini parmesan

I love a slice of crispy bread with a meal but, as I tend to overdue it, I went on a quest to find something healthier, preferably 'veggie like', to satisfy my crunchiness desire. Zucchini slices with Parmesan was my solution. I'm calling it Crispy Top Zucchini Parmesan because only the crust is crispy. The rest of the zucchini is actually soft. 


fish fillet with cream cheese and capers sauce

Cream cheese and heavy cream are my best friends in the kitchen because they turn my world into this delicious creamy place. If you like creamy sauces this dish is for you :)


irresistible broiled pork chops with apples

Pork and apples have been a great combination for a long time in culinary history. This is one of my favorite ways to pair those two great flavors.


vegetarian zucchini boats

zucchini boats with veggies

I love this vegetarian zucchini boat recipe because it is so versatile. It is great to have on its own, or as a side for any meal. 
Receita em português no final deste post.


baked acorn squash

baked acorn squash

It's not fall, Thanksgiving is not near, it's not even cold anymore in Portland, so why did I decide to make Baked Acorn Squash today? Because it's delicious, that's why. The fact that I was doing groceries while hungry also helped. I ended up with way more items in my cart than I had on my list. One of them was an acorn squash (it basically jumped into the cart). The rest is recorded on this blog post. I hope you enjoy this delicious recipe of baked acorn squash. I certainly did :)


tarragon fish

Tarragon Fish and Spinach Couscous

Tarragon is a lovely herb to pair with fish. The flavors of this dish are mild and because of that you can pair it with different sides. My favorite is Spinach Couscous.

spinach couscous

Couscous is a staple in many countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Lybia and others from North Africa. It is also popular in western countries especially in France. It was not until I moved to Finland that I began making couscous. All because of a friend who invited me for lunch and she made a couscous salad. I really like the Couscous with Shrimp and Veggies that I posted before and now another couscous recipe.